Interface Player

public interface Player
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    • play

      Player.Result play(Playlist playlist, int startingTrackNum, long startingPosMsec, Set<Player.Flags> flags)
      Starts playing of the specified playlist. This method acts in separate thread and returns execution control immediately. If there is a previous playing, initiated before to this call, it will be silently cancelled. You may specify the desired track number and a position in audio file to begin playing from.
      playlist - A playlist to play
      startingTrackNum - A desired 0-based track number to play from
      startingPosMsec - A position in audio file in milliseconds to start playing from
    • stop

      boolean stop()
    • pauseResume

      boolean pauseResume()
    • jump

      boolean jump(long offsetMsec)
    • nextTrack

      boolean nextTrack()
    • prevTrack

      boolean prevTrack()
    • playTrack

      boolean playTrack(int trackIndex)
    • getState

      Player.State getState()
    • hasPlaylist

      boolean hasPlaylist()
    • getPlaylist

      Playlist getPlaylist()
    • getTrackNum

      int getTrackNum()
    • getVolume

      int getVolume()
    • setVolume

      void setVolume(int volume)
    • addListener

      void addListener(Listener listener)
    • removeListener

      void removeListener(Listener listener)
    • getFlags

      Set<Player.Flags> getFlags()