Class PopupClosingTranslator


public class PopupClosingTranslator extends Object
Unifies all actions which could result in closing of a popup. There are several actions which mean that the popup must be closed (escape button, closing environment event, accepting a result etc) at that some of the actions mean closing normally and another mean cancelling the popup. This class encapsulates the usual popup behaviour of popup closing, processing various types of events. The popup itself is accessed through Provider interface and is allowed to accept or reject the recognized actions.
  • Field Details

    • provider

      protected final PopupClosingTranslator.Provider provider
    • shouldContinue

      protected boolean shouldContinue
    • cancelled

      protected boolean cancelled
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • doOk

      public boolean doOk()
    • doCancel

      public boolean doCancel()
    • cancelled

      public boolean cancelled()
    • continueEventLoop

      public boolean continueEventLoop()
    • onInputEvent

      public boolean onInputEvent(InputEvent event)
    • onSystemEvent

      public boolean onSystemEvent(SystemEvent event)