All Classes and Interfaces

A general interface for objects suitable for running in LUWRAIN as an application.
Area is a fundamental entity of Luwrain interface.
Context-independent action in the system.
A translator of text correcting operations to hooks actions.
Implements a listener of all changes in MultilineEdit.Model.
The interface for text-to-speech engines.
The area with a set of controls.
All lexer methods that used in grammar (IsStrictMode) should start with Upper Case Char similar to Lexer rules.
All parser methods that used in grammar (p, prev, notLineTerminator, etc.)
The interface for classes implementing national languages.
The main bridge for applications and extensions purposed for communication with LUWRAIN core.
The model for MultilineEdit.
An area with basic navigation operations.
Simplifies checking of objects validity.
Provides all necessary additional data about the area shown to user in model mode.
Unifies all actions which could result in closing of a popup.
{code Area} interface implementation with internal lines storing.
Shows a popup for input of single line of text.
Implementation of editing behaviour for the line of text.
An event addressed to one or several areas and not related to user input.
The area class with table behaviour.
Splits a text preserving lenth of lines not exceeding some given number.